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5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Per Diem Nurse Assignment

Nurses nowadays have a lot of job opportunities ad all they have to do is select the best that fits their personal and professional goals. One of the in-demand nursing jobs is the per diem nursing job, most per diem nurses are handled by staffing agencies since they can get more job opportunities.  Per diem nurses through nurse staffing agencies can have better chances of landing a job that match their skills and also get enough assignments since nurse staffing agency have partners where they assigned their nurses. 

Reasons why you should consider a per diem nursing job

Per Diem Nursing Offers Unmatched Flexibility

The word per diem is from a Latin word that means per day, therefore per diem nurses may be assigned to work in a healthcare facility for a day or several days depending on the need of the facility. Per diem nurses are called to cover shifts that need to be filled because the nurses on duty are on leave or have to attend to emergencies. With this set up per diem nurses can have more breaks if they wish to since they are not mandated to work on a regular schedule. By working as a per dime nurse you can have flexibility in your work schedule. 

Enjoy the Ideal Work-Life Balance

Nurses often suffer from burnout due to fix schedules plus overtime, when you opt to work as a per diem nurse you can have time for your family as well as your passion. Life is not supposed to just work to pay the bills, but instead, enjoy the money you earned from your profession. Nurses get paid higher since they are in demand how ever oftentimes they don’t find time to do the things that can make them happy. With a per diem nursing job, you can maintain a balance between your career and personal life. 

Expand Your Nursing Skills and Knowledge

As you get exposed to different working environments you can learn more and be able to enhance your skills. Per diem nurses are assigned to different departments too and they can get new knowledge on how to handle different hospital scenarios. Earning experience and broadening your skills can give you more credits in your profession and have higher chances of advancing your career. 

Try a New Specialty or Facility Before You Commit

Having specialization as a nurse can give you more opportunities since you can focus on one area where your skills are needed. Some nurses find it hard to determine what they are good at, working as a per diem nurse can help you know where you are good at. Grab the chance to discover your strengths by noting down duties and responsibilities that you excel in as you get assigned to a different department in the healthcare facility.  

Work For More Than One Hospital

Work experiences matter a lot to nurses since this can measure their capability of adapting to different working environments as well as show their capability to be flexible in giving service to different departments. A per diem nursing job can give you this experience and can be a perfect way to let your future employers know what you are capable of doing. Working with the different hospitals for every assignment can teach you a lot and help you master different setups and be able to develop your flexibility as a nurse. 

Qualities a Per diem nurse should have 


As a per diem nurse expect to be assigned outside your area, outside your specialty, and work the extra mile. Getting assigned to a different working environment alone can be challenging if you are not used to it, therefore having the ability to adapt to a new working environment is a must for per diem nurses.

High Critical thinking 

Per diem nurses will be facing a lot of situations where they have to think fast about what to do to alleviate the situations they are in. They should be able to decide on what to do best considering that they have to take action, especially in situations where their patient’s life is in danger and their supervisors are not present. 

Team player

A per diem nurse should know how to adjust to different co-workers since they will be working with different teams in each assignment. They have to know how to fit themselves and respond properly to the plan of the medical team they are in. They have to be cooperative at all times.

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