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 All about the “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” Lyrics

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As soon as the holiday season rolls around, we all start humming and singing our favorite Christmas carols. And one such popular song that is enjoyed by people of all ages is “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” This song is composed by Jon Rox and sung by Gayla Peevey, a child star from Oklahoma, who made it popular in 1953 when she was just 10 years old. This lively tune and the catchy lyrics have been a part of our Christmas traditions for over six decades now. Are you curious about the lyrics of this festive tune? Let’s dive in.

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Verse 1:

“I want a hippopotamus for Christmas,

Only a hippopotamus will do,

Don’t want a doll, no dinky Tinkertoy,

I want a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy.”

These opening lines capture the essence of the song. The lyrics talk about the excitement and anticipation of the singer, who wants a hippopotamus as a Christmas present. It’s a playful song, and the narrator’s enthusiasm is infectious.

Verse 2:

“I want a hippopotamus to make my Mommy proud,

I want a hippopotamus to roam around the house and yard.”

In the second verse, the lyrics become more imaginative. The singer adds that having a hippopotamus around the house would make her mother proud. It’s a fun-filled way of emphasizing the uniqueness of this unusual Christmas wish.

Verse 3:

“I want a hippopotamus for Christmas,

I don’t think Santa Claus will mind, do you?

He won’t have to use our dirty chimney flue,

Just bring him through the front door, that’s the easy thing to do.”

The third verse adds a touch of humor as the singer acknowledges that Santa may find it challenging to deliver a live hippopotamus down the chimney. She suggests an alternative that is much easier, bringing it through the front door. The lyrics are amusing and make you shake your head at the sheer absurdity of the thought.

Verse 4:

“I can see me now on Christmas morning,

Creeping down the stairs,

Oh, what joy and what surprise when I open up my eyes,

To see a hippopotamus standing there.”

The fourth and final verse is perhaps the most heartwarming of all. As the singer waits for Christmas morning, she imagines all the fun she’ll have playing with her hippopotamus. The lyrics depict a child’s sense of wonder, hope, and excitement, which is what the holidays are all about.


“I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” is a beloved holiday classic that continues to fascinate everyone who hears it. The song is catchy, magical, and absurd all at the same time. It reminds us that Christmas is all about letting our imaginations run wild and reveling in the joy of simple pleasures. So the next time you hear this tune, remember its whimsical lyrics and let it transport you back to that magical time of year.