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Haunting History: The Ghost of Spiro Agnew

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Spiro Agnew, the 39th Vice President of the United States, might be long gone, but his legacy seems to be alive and well…in the form of a ghost. That’s right, Spiro Agnew’s ghost has been spotted multiple times since his death in 1996, and many believe that this restless spirit is still trying to make his voice heard. In this blog post, we’ll explore the legend of Spiro Agnew’s ghost and the mysterious events that have unfolded since his passing.

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Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1918, Spiro Agnew was a lawyer and politician who served as Vice President under Richard Nixon from 1969 to 1973. But Agnew’s political career was cut short when he was forced to resign after being charged with tax evasion and bribery in 1973. After his resignation, Agnew retreated from the public eye and lived in relative obscurity until his death from leukemia in 1996.

But according to some who have witnessed Spiro Agnew’s ghostly apparition, the former Vice President’s spirit has not yet found peace. From his former home in Ocean City, Maryland to the halls of the Maryland State House, people have reported seeing a ghostly figure who resembles Agnew. Some say he appears as a specter, while others claim to have seen a full-bodied apparition.

One particularly eerie story comes from a former Ocean City mayor who lived next door to Agnew’s former home. He recalls hearing unexplained noises, doors slamming shut, and other strange occurrences in the house after Agnew’s death. One night, he woke up to find the ghostly figure of Agnew standing at the foot of his bed, staring at him silently. The mayor says he never felt threatened by the apparition, but he was certainly spooked.

Another mysterious event occurred at the Maryland State House, where Agnew served as governor from 1967 to 1969. Workers in the building have reported strange occurrences, including unexplained footsteps and voices, and at least one worker claims to have seen Agnew’s ghostly figure walking the halls. Some believe that Agnew’s ghost is still fighting for a place in political history, while others believe he’s simply restless and hasn’t found peace in the afterlife.

So, what could be causing Spiro Agnew’s ghost to haunt these places? Some believe that it’s the scandal surrounding his resignation, which was a major political event in the 1970s and tarnished his legacy. Others speculate that it’s simply Agnew’s loyalty to his home state of Maryland that is keeping him tied to this world. Whatever the reason, the mystery of Spiro Agnew’s ghost continues to fascinate people and raise questions about the afterlife.


The legend of Spiro Agnew’s ghost is just one example of the many mysterious phenomena that have captivated people throughout history. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there’s no denying the power of the human imagination and our desire to understand the unknown. Whether you’re a skeptic or a true believer, one thing is for sure: Spiro Agnew’s ghost is here to stay, and the mystery of his restless spirit will continue to intrigue and captivate people for generations to come.