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How Planned Parenthood and Telehealth Services Can Work Together

Parenthood and Telehealth
Parenthood and Telehealth

Planned parenthood and telehealth services can work together to address various health conditions. Telehealth covers everyone, from those looking for std treatment near me to couples seeking consultation with a fertility doctor. You also get professional insights. 

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Planned parenthood lets you determine when to bring a child into the world. Telehealth can provide answers if you’re not ready for a baby or are seeking contraceptives. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home. 

6 Ways Planned Parenthood and Telehealth Can Work Together

Planned parenthood helps women and couples determine when to have kids. Women and couples have multiple options if they’re not ready to add a new member to their family. Telehealth involves providing healthcare services remotely over the internet, phone, video conferencing, emails, and more. Here are six ways planned parenthood and telehealth can work together:

1.     Confidential Consultations

You can schedule a video visit with a telehealth provider for a confidential consultation with experienced doctors and nurses. A video visit allows you to use a phone or computer for live conversations with a licensed clinician. You don’t have to visit the clinic for in-person appointments. Telehealth services offer 24/7 access to leading practitioners. You can discuss your healthcare needs over a secure video call.

2.     Emergency Contraception

Telehealth eliminates the need to visit the doctor’s physical premises for treatment. You can get professional advice online from your home or office. The service can help women and couples looking for emergency contraception appointments. Qualified doctors can assess your situation and prescribe medication to help you prevent unwanted pregnancies. 

3.     Treating UTIs & STIs

Urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted infections are common among all sexes. If you plan to start a family, treat UTIs and STIs before getting pregnant to protect your child. Telehealth offers a chance to learn more about your condition and get expert prescriptions for the infection. Leading telehealth providers can evaluate your needs and recommend medication. You can look for std treatment near me if you suspect an infection or need prompt healthcare services.

4.     Medical Prescriptions

Telehealth services offer access to licensed healthcare practitioners who can prescribe medication for various conditions. You can get a prescription from leading practitioners if you’re at risk of unwanted pregnancy, STI, or other medical conditions. Telehealth and planned parenthood can come together to help women and couples get the best prescription medication for their needs. You can also get referrals to leading pharmacies near you.

5.     Remote Follow Up

Your telehealth provider can schedule virtual meetings to track and follow up on your progress. They can help you prevent unwanted pregnancies, plan for your next child, and treat infections that can hurt your health or child.

6.     Managing Appointments

Telehealth helps couples and women to view treatment plans and lab results. The technology and services make communication easy via text, voice, and video calls. You can manage appointments and book emergency sessions with licensed doctors.

Where To Find STD Treatment Near Me

Planned Parenthood and telehealth services work together for modern couples. You can find expert help online without leaving the comforts of your home or office. The telehealth providers offer video/virtual tours and one-on-one consultations over the internet. 

You can get a diagnosis, prescriptions, and emergency treatment anytime. Stick to reputable telemedicine companies that provide a simple process. You can review the common medical conditions the clinic offers. When you look for STD treatment near me, choose companies licensed to provide telemedicine in your area.

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