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Mission Raniganj – Akshay Kumar’s Latest Movie Based on a True Story

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Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has been known to take on socially relevant and inspiring roles in his films, and his latest project is no different. Set to release on October 6th, Mission Raniganj tells the inspiring true story of one man’s efforts to rescue hundreds of trapped coal miners in the small town of Raniganj. The official teaser for the film has been released, and fans of Akshay Kumar are eagerly awaiting its release. Let’s take a closer look at the plot of the film and what we can expect from this exciting new project.

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The film is based on the brave efforts of Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, who played a key role in the rescue of 64 coal miners who were trapped underground for over 100 hours in Raniganj, West Bengal. The film portrays the determination and courage of both the trapped miners and the rescue team. Akshay Kumar will be seen playing the role of Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, who led the rescue mission. This film aims to pay homage to the brave efforts of the rescue team and put a spotlight on the importance of safety regulations in the mining industry.

In addition to Akshay Kumar, the film Mission Raniganj features a talented cast of actors, including Nimrat Kaur, Prakash Raj, and Anup Soni, among others. The film has been directed by the renowned filmmaker, Raj Kumar Gupta, who has previously directed critically acclaimed films such as Raid and No One Killed Jessica.

Mission Raniganj is a celebration of the human spirit and the power of unity. The film showcases the true potential of the human soul when it faces impossible challenges and emerges victorious. The film promises to be a gripping cinematic experience that is sure to inspire audiences nationwide.


The release of Mission Raniganj has been met with a lot of anticipation, and fans of Akshay Kumar are excited to see him take on this inspiring role. With a riveting plot, a talented cast, and a renowned director at the helm, this movie promises to be a must-watch for anyone who is looking for an inspiring story of determination and courage. Make sure to mark your calendar for October 6th and experience the magic of Mission Raniganj in cinemas near you.