Six Tips To Write Convertible Title Tags In 2021


Six Tips To Write Convertible Title Tags In 2021 Don’t confuse titles because title tags are a kind of welcome sentence for any website. If you write well, visitors will enter with no problems.

However, writing a bad title tag may let the visitor return to home then and there.

This is because various search engines like Google will look at the title of the page to find out what it is all about. The title tag will also help you determine which SEO keywords are most important to the page.

Hence, a title tag should be concise, attractive, and keyword-rich so that it can get more attention from passersby than ever.

Do you think it is easy to write such title tags? Well, it is, but you have to do mastery in it.

The main problem that I figured out is (and this is our little secret), many SEO writers and entrepreneurs take the title tag lightly. But you should never do that.

If you are among those writers who never thought of writing a simple title, then it is quite surprising. Well, you can still learn the tricks to achieve the best title tags for your website.

So, how would you do that? Let’s see here.

How To Write Attention-Grabbing Title Tags?

  1. Perform keyword research

All those who can’t perform keyword research or take it lightly, need to think again. Pardon me! But that’s what it feels like.

Without performing proper keyword research, you can’t get the right results. It is like you are testing your luck without even putting effort into it. Indeed, it is long-lasting, but it is the cornerstone of any successful site there.

Keyword research becomes accurate when you use authentic tools. Some amazing software is available on the internet like Moz and SEMrush.

However, there are some free alternatives too where keyword research becomes easy.

The bottom line is that you need to know what your audience is looking for to write anything.

From the title tag to the body of your website, the keywords you prioritize will tell the search engine what the page is about and whether it’s the best website for the target audience.


  1. Avoid stuffing and create the tag


When you add relevant keywords in the title tag, the search engine scans the title and then lets itself know about the webpage. Hence, adding the right keyword in the title tag is a must.

But there is one more thing you need to know.

Google has become advanced in recent years. And when it is about SEO, the search engine comes up with really smart algorithms. It is not human-friendly but gives hints which are pretty okay for us.


This means that a web page does not have to match the exact keyword for Google to understand what the page means.

You have more flexibility to use related keywords and avoid keyword stuffing. Feel free to add more keywords if you have a choice of more targeted keywords.


  1. Don’t add commas or vertical bars

Adding punctuation marks in the sentence means organizing the statement. But it can also divide the title, which doesn’t look good at all.

You are spending three characters when you include “|” in the title to separate the keywords. Using it for once is okay, but know the best practices first.

The same is the case with commas. If placed correctly, the comma uses two characters. Hence, use it separately.


  1. Stick to the limit


The exact number you should choose varies between and just over 55-60 characters, including spaces.

You have to be quite vigilant in this part. It takes a little effort to calculate correctly and still add all the necessary information.

“…” this is the termination of the agreement. People would rather switch to another link than have to click on something they are not sure about.

Your prospects would have many other links to choose from. Don’t even think if they click the link to read further.

The best practice is to stick to 70 characters and don’t let dots ruin the title tag.


5.Offer something


Do you think anyone in this world would refuse the offer at first sight?

Well, I don’t think so. An offer itself is just so compelling that convinces the prospect to get it as soon as possible.

“Free is one of the powerful words that we see on the internet. Do you know why? This is because everyone loves to buy free items and that’s what keeps us motivated too.

If you want to make a special offer, save it a special place. Whether it’s a free trial or a 50% discount, feel free to enter it. Words and numbers will keep people focused.

The best practice is to make your caps on. When writing an offer for the prospects, make sure you are stressing it out. If that is so, you can easily grab your target audience’s attention.


6.Ensure clarity


In short, don’t just write for Google. Write for potential buyers and passersby.

People think that the title tag should always be filled with a little separate information. Maybe because they saw other people doing it and thought it was the rule.

Not really.


It is much better if you can write anything, and that is fluent too. You can use commas for this. You should punctuation to ensure clarity. But how can you do that without making it weird?

Well, there is one more option. Why not try out @TKDigitals and get instant help? Just know the SEO services cost and wait for the magic.


The Verdict


You should not stick to one title forever. There must be some change to ensure people that something is interesting in it.

Certain slogans do not change? Try another. Add some prominent elements. Delete some. See what works and how it is impacting the visitors. Writing title tags is a matter of perseverance, trial and error, and mistakes.

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