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Ultimate Guide to Fiber Insulation in New Orleans

A great way to help you save some of your cooling and heating costs is to invest in fiber insulation. There are different kinds of fiber insulation that you may find that would fit perfectly for your home and be tailored to the specific needs of your household. If you want to know more about fiber insulation near New Orleans, here is the ultimate guide to fiber insulation in New Orleans.

What is Fiber Insulation?

If you are looking for insulation that would be able to capture the air within the fibers and prevent any heat from going through the convection, the fibrous insulation is the one you are looking for. 

Because it would be able to minimize any collision between the particles, it would be able to give off heat conduction between molecules, thus making it perfect for soundproofing. 

And if you want to have insulation that is good for acoustics, this works perfectly. It’s a flexible kind of insulation, and could even be made into specific shapes.

Here are some of the types of fibrous insulation that we have on the market right now:

  • Fiberglass

The fiberglass insulation uses extremely fine fibers of glass, which would come in rolls and loose-fill. Compared to all of these types of fiber insulation, it is the one that would come with many of the densities and it is associated with different R-values so it could be used in spaces where there is limited space for any form of insulation. It is generally made out of molten glass which would then be spun and blown into fibers.

  • Plastic fiber

If you want to get fiber insulation that is made out of recycled plastic bottles, then plastic fiber insulation is the perfect choice for you. It is composed of a type of plastic called PET, and they get the fibers and then press it into the batt insulation. This type of insulation works very similarly to fiberglass insulation, and they usually get this to make the space a bit more fire-resistant.

  • Mineral wool

This type of fiber insulation is made by man and it has a lot of natural minerals. Some of the minerals that are used in this kind of fiber insulation are leftover from some of the molten materials. The mineral wool has some amount of recycled content, and it would not require the use of any extra chemicals if you want to make it fire retardant. 

  • Cellulose 

Last but not least, we have cellulose fiber insulation. This type of insulation is made out of recycled paper. They get the paper, cut it into small and tiny pieces before they fiberize it and pack it into cavities. You could get these cellulose fibers and add mineral borate so that you could make it more fire-resistant.

Benefits of Using Fiber Insulation For Houses in New Orleans

1. Energy-efficient

The cellulose in cellulose insulation would be able to save resources and energy. Compared to all of the fiber insulations, it is the one that performs the best out of each of them. 

When you are talking about the R-value, cellulose fiber insulation has a higher R-value than regular fiberglass insulation, but high-density fiberglass insulation would produce a higher R-value than cellulose insulation. 

If you want to avoid having more air movement inside a certain insulation area, then you could get the loose-fill cellulose, especially if you are in a place where there is an extremely cold climate.

2. Soundproof

When you are using cellulose fiber insulation, it would be able to fill in all of the space of your area entirely so there really are not many places where the sound could completely pass through. 

And since the material used for cellulose fiber insulation is already very effective in reducing noise, then it could help make the space you are insulating soundproof. 

It could really help in trapping air, that is why a lot of people prefer to use that instead of other kinds of insulation material. Compared to fiberglass, cellulose is a very great material to use when you want to reduce noise.

3. Going green!

When you are working with a cellulose fiber insulation, then it could offer you a lot of environmental content since it is generally made out of recycled materials like newspapers, and in turn help in reducing the number of greenhouse gasses that would then be released into our Earth’s atmosphere the moment they decompose.

 If you are looking for the most energy-efficient and best material to go green for your fiber insulation needs, then cellulose fiber insulation is the best option in the market.

4. Safety measures

Cellulose fiber insulation has the Class 1 rating in the fire safety rating since it uses the borate treatment. There are a lot of producers of cellulose who tend to use a mixture of both the ammunition sulfate and the boate when they are making the materials used. The ammunition sulfate is an odorless compound that has been shown to have been emitting ammonia, so it has that ammonia smell to it.

Facts About Fiber Insulation

Fiber insulation is a kind of insulation that is made out of extremely fine glass fibers that are often installed by using fat rolls or by filling it up loosely. Fiber insulation is not itchy, especially the modern fiber insulation that is being used now, which is usually made out of a more natural plant-based binding agent. When you look at the value of it, you are actually spending little money on a product that is of high quality, and to make things better, it is made out of 20 percent to 30 percent recycled glass materials. 

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