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What Is Lightning Dice and How Can You Win At It?

The Release Of Yet Another World-Beating Title Since initial rising onto the web gambling scene in 2006, Evolution gambling has firmly established itself at the forefront of the trade. they need to be made in numerous amusive games that have bagged them varied accolades, as well as the spectacular accomplishment of getting won Live Casino Provider of the Year at the EGB B2B Awards for 5 years running.

In 2019, they consolidated that success with the discharge of yet one more world-beating title within the color of Lightning Dice. This high-octane live casino game combines fast thinking with elegant visuals and a healthy dose of pleasure to administer players the chance to win up to one,000 times their original stake. however specifically will it work – and the way are you able to increase your probabilities of winning? scan on to seek out out.

What is Lightning Dice?

Evolution gambling has already pioneered a variety of different titles in their “Lightning” series, as well as Lightning Roulette. Lightning Dice capitalizes upon identical live casino expertise that created that venture thus well-liked and transplants it to the planet of dice. Players tune-up to the glitzy glamourous artistic movement scene, wherever a dealer can drop 3 dice into the highest of the tower.


How will it work? It couldn’t be less complicated. Players should guess the right sum of the 3 dice once they create their method through the maze and emerge at rock bottom. If they get the overall correct, they’ll win a prize. Plus, there’s conjointly the irregular number of a lightning strike; if your foreseen total is lucky enough to be smitten by lightning because the dice descend – and if it seems to be the right prediction – you may earn a major windfall.

What are the chances in Lightning Dice?

Of course, there are sure totals that are a lot of common than others. That’s as a result of many completely different permutations can result in identical total. in contrast, 3 and eighteen are each extremely uncommon, since they need all 3 dice to point out one or six. this can be mirrored within the odds of them occurring – and within the payout they provide. Here’s a breakdown of the entire odds below:


3 or 18   0.5%      150x       1,000x

4 or 17   1.4%      50x         500x

5 or 16   2.8%      25x         250x

6 or 15   4.6%      15x         100x

7 or 14   7.0%      10x         100x

8 or 13   9.7%      7x           50x

9 or 12   11.6%    6x           50x

10 or 11                12.5%    5x           50x

As you’ll be able to see, there are immense returns to be created if you properly predict the mixture with the shortest odds – and even larger ones if you strike it lucky with the lightning flash. different totals supply smaller jackpots however occur a lot of ordinarily, thus it’s well to tailor your strategy to what quantity risk you’re snug with.

How to win at Lightning Dice

While there are no successful thanks to guaranteeing finish, many of us are forever on the lookout for ways on the way to win at Lightning Dice. Here are 3 of the foremost common ones, explained below:

Observe some rounds before putting your bets to form certain that you just absolutely perceive the sport and to establish that mixtures are developing most often.

Bet on the shortest odds (8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13), since these have the very best chance of developing.

Bet a little quantity on the longest odds (3 and 18) on every occasion, since these are the fastest route to earning one,000 times your stake (even if they’re very unlikely to occur).

Of course, the most effective strategy for you’ll rely entirely on your gambling temperament and the way a lot of risks you prefer to require onboard. In any case, it ought to be remembered that games like Lightning Dice ought to be, initial and foremost, all concerning fun. Keep that in mind and you can’t fail to win.

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