What is safer a Hoverboard or Skateboard?

Hoverboards and Skateboards are both fun, but which is safer?

A Hoverboard looks like a Segways without handlebars. It can move forward and backward on its own with the push of a button. This makes it easy to use for those who want to ride around their house or apartment, or even outside in the backyard.

The skateboard is simpler: you stand on it and use your feet to keep yourself on it as you push off from one foot at a time while moving forwards, backward, left, or right.

Both Segway Hoverboards and skateboards have some safety concerns such as high-speed falls that could result in fractures or other injuries if not done correctly.

Pros and cons of each board

A Hoverboard is more of a ride-on, whereas a skateboard is used for tricks. and these tricks sometimes can cause serious injuries and accidents. The Segway board has tires that are around 6 to 8 inches high while the skateboards have tires around 1.5 inches high, making it easier to roll on flat surfaces with less power required from the rider.

Which is safer – a Hoverboard or a Skateboard?

“For me, there is really no comparison. The Hoverboard is safer by far.” The Segway boards are also wider since they are 2 x 2 feet wide compared to a skateboard which is usually 5 or 6 inches wide. This makes it harder for your foot to come off of the Segway board if you were to slip off because of traction issues with all that surface area, whereas you would easily slip off of a

What to do if you have an accident on your Hoverboard or Skateboard 

If you have an injury due to falling off of your Segway Hoverboard or Skateboard, call a medical emergency. You should also be treated by a doctor for any limb injuries that are serious. If you have no broken bones but just bruises, sprains, and the like on the limbs, find some ice at home and wrap them up with an ace bandage or cloth on top of it to keep it all in place until the swelling goes down. This will help reduce any pain without needing to take painkillers. If you can’t find any ice cubes for this purpose, try putting some Jell-O molds into the freezer first – then put them under your arm or leg area for 10 minutes, and quickly try to reach a hospital/clinic.

Final thoughts on which is safer, a Hoverboard or a skateboard

The Hoverboard and skateboard both have their own set of safety concerns that you should consider before buying. If you want a safe, low-impact way to get around your home or outside in the yard, then a Segway Hoverboard is perfect for you! But if there’s anything from dirt to rough terrain on your property, it might be better to buy a skateboard instead. You can find out more about these two types of boards by reading our blog post here! We hope this helps you make an informed decision about which one will suit your needs best.

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